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State Line Fire & Safety, Inc. inspects, services and refills fire extinguishers in both industrial and commercial establishments so that they meet all current local, state, and federal standards. All services performed are done according to NFPA pamphlet #10. Testing is required every 5 or 6 years depending on the type of fire extinguisher. We are licensed by the State of New Jersey to perform these services (N.J.D.C.A. # P00152). Additionally, we are a licensed DOT Hydrostatic Testing Facility.

Current laws for commercial establishments, including multifamily homes, require an annual inspection. There are no laws specific to private homes; however, a visual inspection should be done on a regular basis.

All batteries should be recycled due to their contents. State Line Fire & Safety, Inc. can recycle these for you, usually at no charge. Or call your municipality to see if they have a recycling center which will take them.

Because the contents are under pressure it is best to discharge any remaining product in the fire extinguisher. Due to NFPA and EPA regulations, some extinguishers cannot be discharged into the atmosphere. State Line Fire & Safety, Inc. can dispose of all types of fire extinguishers for you, usually at no charge.

NO! Manufacturers and engineers don’t design and test their tools together with other brands. Also, not all tools use the same hydraulic fluids. Mixing tools with varied fluids and/or from different manufacturers can cause dangerous, disastrous and expensive repairs and overhauls.

Current NJ law requires that a 5 LB ABC fire extinguisher be mounted in the kitchen of a single family home up for resale.